There are many things to know about this game and i’m going to share some because i want you to learn yourself too. When you start the game it will give you a choice of single player, split screen, and online multiplayer. You can also buy packs and weapons and D L C maps and then select your character of your choice.

If you search up the game i would prefer playing the first game and then play the second game. Keep your eyes peeled for secret chests and you’ll know if it was supposed to be a secret chest if it has really good weapons or weapons that you can’t use for a couple more level ups. Sometimes when you complete a mission you can earn new shields or weapons and more or an enemy drops them after being killed.

In the game you can choose maps that you have been to and discovered.You can discover maps that can be hard or easy to get to and hidden and completely  not hidden or hard to get to. At the end of the game if you beaten it already then it will give you a choice to do play through 1 or 2.

In the game you will be introduced to a lot of new monsters that you will not be expecting like in one of the pictures and i don’t think you were expecting that were you. In the game there ways to get places faster than walking like cars you get from doing a certain mission and if you are a siren.

When you level up you gain points to upgrade stats and every once in a while you unlock a new slot for a new cool weapon. You can also look on your map to see were you or someone is in the game. Last but not least you can see what missions you can choose from.

You can find bounty boards that give you missions to do and sometimes they give you hard ones and easy ones. every once in a while you’ll have to fight some hard bosses or regular bandits. If you are up for a challenge then try to find a face in one of these pictures and then leave a comment if you did and if you did before i told you to look then i’ll follow you if i didn’t already.

follow me into the adventure of more and more games!!!



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