The Beginning of Homeschooling

Off topic Friday has begun. Homeschooling was a lot different at first for me and i was really surprised when i came back from school and all the sudden i was home schooled. My mom did not now much about homeschooling at first and most importantly she didn’t even know much about what i new.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      My mom also home schooled her two older kids for a couple years so i guess she just home schooled my older brothers incorrectly or she forgot. I got home schooled because i wasn’t doing very good in school and my mom thought i just refused but when my mom went to my school for a day she figured that i was not refusing work. we started right away without knowing to much about homeschooling.

I had things to do during the day usually like chores and i stared to stop because i kept forgetting them and then we learned that after getting out of school that we take about 4 months so we were like wow. Now during the day i like playing with the daycare or basketball and video games and mostly daycare. I love being at home with my parents and daycare.

Follow me into the adventure of more and more posts!!!


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